God’s Incredible Plan: A Guide for Understanding the Place of Human Efforts in God’s Redemptive Purpose for Humankind

God's Incredible Plan is an introduction to the study of missiology that covers the fields of the maning of missiology, the biblical and theological foundations of missions, the account of the expansion of Christianity (history of missions) and the religious, cultural, demographic, geographical, and strategic dimensions of the Christian Mission. The study seeks to present missiology to a college and diploma audience rather than a theological school level.

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About the Book

God’s Incredible Plan is a guide to the place of human action in the divine effort to share the Good News of his salvation with the peoples of the world. The book begins with information about the meaning of Tod’s plan, the biblical and theological dimensions of this plan, and an account of the historical missional expansion of the plan. After this introduction, the God’s Incredible Plan investigates the religious, political, cultural, geographical, and strategic dimensions of the task. This book provides instruction for diploma and college level studies of missions and missionary work. A Participant’s Workbook is available as is PowerPoint and other teaching aids.

Series: Missions
Tag: Gospel
Publisher: Church Starting Network (CSN)
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Paper
Length: 312
ISBN: 1492280135
List Price: 21.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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About the Author
Dr. Ebbie Smith

Ebbie C. Smith holds the Ph.D. degree in Christian Ethics and Masters Degrees in Missions and Sociology. He served 15 years as missionary in Indonesia and 24 years as Professor of Christian Ethics and Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. After retirement from Southwestern, Smith has served as Chaplain in hospices and as adjunct professor at Tarrant County College.

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