Sharing the Good News with Roman Catholic Friends

Sharing the Good News with Roman Catholic Friends outlines the biblical doctrine of salvation and indicates how this message can and should be communicated with persons in the Roman Catholic tradition. The primary audiences are Evangelical Christians who desire to share the Gospel with Roman Catholics, evangelical Christians who are former Roman Catholics, and nominal Roman Catholics who have not experienced the personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The authors point to Jesus Christ who alone is the source of eternal life.

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About the Book

This book examines issues that relate to an understanding of the biblical doctrine of salvation, the spirit in which believers should communicate this message, and the most appropriate methods for leading people to a personal experience of salvation in Jesus Christ. This writing seeks to help several groups of people:
First, evangelical Christians who desire to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with Roman Catholic relatives and friends. Using Roman Catholic sources, we acquaint the reader with teachings of the Roman Catholic Church about the doctrine of salvation and demonstrate how God’s Word can be most effectively communicated.
Secondly, we offer help for those evangelical Christians who are former Roman Catholics. People in this group often mistakenly think that if they can only convince their Roman Catholic friends that they are wrong in everything they believe about salvation, their friends will automatically become receptive to the gospel message. In the zeal of their new-found faith, former Roman Catholics at times witness in a spirit of condemnation, anger, and impatience. We share proven approaches they can use to witness to their loved ones in a spirit of love and wisdom.
Third, nominal Christians among Roman Catholics who have not had a personal experience of salvation in Jesus Christ and are sincerely seeking to know the truth about their eternal destiny. With them we respectfully explore the question: “If what you are counting on to give you peace with God here on earth and eternity with God is not what the Bible teaches, would you want to know it?”
Sharing the Good News with Our Roman Catholic Friends provides a comprehensive guide for evangelism among Roman Catholics and other peoples as well.

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Series: Evangelism
Tags: Catholicism, Gospel
Publisher: Church Starting Network (CSN)
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Paper
Length: 102
ISBN: 1894933338
List Price: 27.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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About the Author
Dr. Daniel R. Sanchez

Daniel R. Sanchez (D.Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary and D.Phil. from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) has served as missionary in Panama and the United States. He lectures worldwide leading workshops and seminars on various topics related to missions including intercultural issues, founding congregations, contextualization, and ministering in Roman Catholic cultures. He also served in congregational ministry and as a professor of missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Daniel R. Sánchez has served as Professor of Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas for more than twenty five years. He also ministered as a church planter, pastor, missionary in Guatemala and Panama , and Director of Missions. Dr. Sanchez holds the Master of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary, the Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Doctor of Philosophy from the Oxford Centre for Missions studies in England. Sanchez has His ministry has ministered in more than fifty countries preaching, teaching, courses, and conducting workshops. His interest in worldviews as a prerequisite for effective ministry clearly shows in his thesis at Oxford: “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Theological Contextualization With Special Reference to Hispanic Americans”. This interest is also reflected in some of the books he has written such as: Church: Growth and Culture, Hispanic Realities, Sharing The Good News With Roman Catholics, Gospel in the Rosary, and Starting Reproducing Churches. (These books are available through or

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