The Holy Rosary Gospel Stories of Jesus

The Rosary Stories of Jesus offer a refreshing reminder of the compassion,
love, sacrifice, and promise of blessing for those who revere him, believe
that he was (and is) the Son of God, and who desire to meditate on his life and
example. The Rosary Stories are then simple reminders that we as followers
of Jesus can recall each day to express our love and devotion to a Living
Savior. These stories are but a few selected from the life and ministry of
Jesus to guide our devotion.

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About the Book
Series: Bible Storying
Tags: Catholicism, Gospel, Rosary
Publisher: Church Starting Network (CSN)
Publication Year: 2011
Format: Paper
Length: 168
ISBN: 0984620710
List Price: 21.95
eBook Price: 8.95
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About the Author
J.O. Terry

J.O.Terry served under the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as media missionary to the Philippines beginning in 1968 and later serving as the Asia-Pacific Region media consultant until retirement in 2003. Experience with Chronological Bible Teaching soon led to a need for greater emphasis on teaching the Bible stories along with appropriate learning activities for nonliterate peoples. Terry developed a number of widely used Bible story sets and led workshops and conferences in many countries. J. O. Terry serves as publisher of the Bible Storying Newsletter and the Journal of Bible Storying and continues to teach Bible storying and shares his experiences with others. Terry is convinced that Bible storying methods are effective in winning the lost to Christ, developing the saved in Christ, starting new churches, and in training their oral leaders.

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