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The Church Starting Network is an association that strives to join with other Christians and Christian groups to stimulate starting apostolic churches that engage comprehensive evangelism among the peoples of the world, contextual church starting, reproductive church expansion, and healthy church growth and life. By apostolic churches, CSN means congregations and groups of churches that emphasize reaching those outside the salvation of Jesus and His Kingdom and the starting of congregations that will reproduce rather than spending most of the church’s time and resources on maintaining the structure of the church. Apostolic churches resemble, in form and practice, the churches of the New Testament era.

Church Starting Network (CSN) seeks to contribute to apostolic churches and church starting movements by providing publications, materials, consultations, and conferences to further efforts to shape and be shaped by the emerging dialogue regarding church multiplication and church health in the postmodern, post Christian, multicultural environments of the 21st century world.

CSN invites Christians and Christian groups to join in these efforts to contribute to starting apostolic congregations and emerging apostolic church starting movements in North America and in other parts of the world.

CSN seeks to minister alongside any Evangelical Christian group that upholds doctrinal orthodoxy, spiritual dependence, and moral integrity. The independent Network is not aligned with any denomination, association, movement, or institution.

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