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We exist to promote healthy church planting in the US and beyond through teaching, training and publication of valuable and timeless resources.

What is this for?

This site is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about or doing church planting. If you are a local pastor or lay leader and would like to know how to start and grow healthy churches, we offer you the tools and resources you need in order to do this.

our leadership team

Dr. Daniel Sanchez

Distinguished Professor of Missions, SWBTS

Daniel R. Sanchez is president of Church Starting Network, Distinguished professor of Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been involved in international missions, global teaching, church planting and evangelism for several decades.  Dr. Sanchez currently teaches brothers and sisters around the world.  

Dr. Ebbie Smith

Distinguished Fellow, B.H Carroll Theological Institute

Dr. Smith has been involved in teaching and writing around the world for most of his career.  He has extensive missions experience in Indonesia where he planted schools and seminaries.

Peter Vavrosky

Founder and President, Trinity Academic

Peter Vavrosky is responsible for educational technology and maintains the CNS website and its resources.  He also overseas the development of educational resources around the world. 

J. O. Terry

International Mission Board

J.O.Terry served under the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as media missionary to the Philippines beginning in 1968 and later serving as the Asia-Pacific Region media consultant until retirement in 2003. Experience with Chronological Bible Teaching soon led to a need for greater emphasis on teaching the Bible stories along with appropriate learning activities for nonliterate peoples. Terry developed a number of widely used Bible story sets and led workshops and conferences in many countries. J. O. Terry serves as publisher of the Bible Storying Newsletter and the Journal of Bible Storying and continues to teach Bible storying and shares his experiences with others. Terry is convinced that Bible storying methods are effective in winning the lost to Christ, developing the saved in Christ, starting new churches, and in training their oral leaders.

We Train

We are passionate about church starting and church growth.  So much so that we have dedicated our ministry to providing quality training in English or Spanish to ministries around the world.  If you would like to book us for training, please contact us.


Resources for your ministry

In addition to training which we can provide your church or ministry,  we also offer access to our vast resource library that covers many topics related to church planting and growth.  This includes resources in English, Spanish and guides and workbooks for teams. 

Come and learn from us

Join us today and start the valuable process of building and equipping your team for local or international church planting. We make sure every class is easily understood, all students have access to our materials and that everyone will reach the same level of expertise needed for the work that the Lord has called them to.

Working hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am -4:00 pm
(Saturday by appointment only)

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Phone:817-923-1921, ext. 6750
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